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Play Group

Introduction to social interaction, basic routines, and play-based learning for toddlers, fostering early social and cognitive skills. Age: 2-3 Years | Time: 8-11 AM | Seat: 25
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We build foundational skills through play, structured activities, and exploration, focusing on language, numbers, and basic concepts. Age: 3-4 Years | Time: 8-11 AM | Seat: 30
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We develop literacy, numeracy, and social skills through structured activities, preparing children for formal education. Age: 4-5 Years | Time: 8-11 AM | Seat: 35
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Our Great Team
Discover the dedicated team at Shine Play School! Our staff and faculty are committed to nurturing your child's growth and providing a supportive environment for their development. With expertise and passion, they guide each child academically, socially, and emotionally, ensuring success at every step.

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