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WELCOME TO Shine Play School

About Our Kindergarden
New World, New Education It's Small World And Grow.
Welcome to Shine Play School, a place where bright futures begin to shine! Established with a passion for early childhood education, Shine Play School is dedicated to providing a nurturing and stimulating environment where children can thrive. Our experienced and caring educators are committed to fostering the holistic development of each child, promoting their curiosity, creativity, and confidence. With a focus on play-based learning and individualized attention, we strive to make every day at Shine Play School a joyful and enriching experience for children and families alike. Come join us on this exciting journey of growth and discovery.

From the Principal's Desk

Er. Rajmani Pandey

Principal Shine Play School, Obra, Aurangabad.

Dear Parents,

Heartiest Greetings!

Welcome to Shine Play School in Obra, Aurangabad, Bihar! We’re thrilled to have your child join us for a journey of exploration and learning. Our preschool is more than just education; it’s a second home where children discover, play, and grow in confidence.

At Shine Play School, we offer a diverse curriculum that fosters intellectual and emotional development. Our dedicated staff provides challenging yet enjoyable experiences, empowering students to excel in various areas and instilling self-confidence.

Beyond academics, we nurture the whole child, guiding them towards becoming compassionate individuals. From innovative outdoor spaces to engaging activities, we create an environment where children thrive.

Thank you for choosing Shine Play School. Let’s embark on this wonderful journey together.

Warm Regards!

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Our Vision

Imparting quality education with a holistic approach, creating global opportunities, enabling the students to excel in different areas and enlightening their lives all around.

To emerge as one of the best schools in the State in the coming years.

To provide all students with the necessary skills to pursue their aspirations.

 To enable all the students to get the pinnacle.

Our Mission

To provide students with the skills, knowledge, and academic opportunities to succeed in a rapidly changing world, to foster a tone that allows even the most quiet and sensitive child to interact, to instil ethical and moral values creating a sense of responsibility towards the society.

To enable them to distinguish between right and wrong, and have courtesy and consideration for others.

The main objective is to inculcate such moral values in the students which would prove as a milestone for them to become good citizens and human beings.

The mission to impart quality education with moral orientation, around all-round development and propagation of knowledge, came into existence.

Our mission is not only cognitively enriching the children, but also enriching their hearts with values, etiquette, and creativity.

To extract the maximum potential from the students by reinforcing them.

To enable the students to reach the pinnacle of their career.

To provide a conducive environment to make the teaching-learning process smooth and effective.

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Our Great Team
We are group of teachers who really love childrens and enjoy every moment of teaching

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