Kid-friendly spaces
This means designing the school with children's safety in mind, including easy-to-access entry and exit points, and plans for emergencies like evacuations.
Outdoor play area
A space equipped with age-appropriate playground equipment where children can engage in physical activities, helping them develop motor skills and coordination.
Creative zone
A designated area where children can freely explore their imagination through various activities, fostering creativity and self-expression.
A collection of books tailored to children's interests and reading abilities, providing them with opportunities to cultivate a love for reading from a young age.
Zones for active learning
Different areas within the school focused on various aspects of learning, such as arts and interactive activities, with appropriate tools and resources to aid in children's development.
Physical environment
Ensuring cleanliness and hygiene within the school premises to prevent illnesses among children, with facilities like child-sized sinks and toilets.
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